Dive into these course with the guidance of your Coach Cheri Ruskus. Cheri has been working with Entrepreneurs since the start of her own Entrepreneurial Career over 30 years ago.

Effective Email Marketing

Course Outline

Module 1: The Message

  • Learn content strategies and insights as to what works and what doesn’t
  • Get clear on your short term and long term strategies
  • Learn when to borrow and when to create
  • Understand keywords and subject lines

Module 2: The Audience

  • Define and understand your target audience
  • Where to start and expand current lists
  • Engaging joint venture partners with promotional launches or events

Module 3: The Look

  • Embracing your brand in the email template you choose
  • Explore options in the Constant Contact technology
  • Current layout evaluations: what is working and what is not!

Module 4: The List

  • Learn the psychology behind opt-ins as well as what works and what doesn’t
  • Understand the basic technology piece to having online and mobile opt-ins working
  • Build an auto responder campaign
  • The importance of testing, testing, testing!

Module 5: The Results

  • Report results and Search Engine Optimization
  • Look at what "open" and "click through" rates mean
  • How to measure and adjust your results

Module 6: The System

  • Creating a system that delivers consistently
  • Moving towards long-term success for years to come
  • Getting clear on who will do what

Effective Email Marketing

2 monthly payments of $97.00 USD