Marketing Mastery Program

Become a master of your marketing.

When you learn how to get clear and consistent with your marketing strategies, you develop systems to discover and implement the proper marketing tactics which then create authentic and consistent customer engagement as a result. 

The marketing for your business should be treated just like a laboratory. Provide your business with controlled experiments and measurements based on what has worked previously, interwoven with new concepts and influential market changes. If you have randomly been throwing new ideas into your marketing without a clear strategy and plan, your marketing laboratory isn’t serving you as it could.

Marketing today is not just about using social media, or having a nice big billboard on the highway. There are so many components that make up modern marketing that most small businesses struggle to just try and keep up. Here at the Victory Circles, we want to change that. We will start at the basics of creating a plan, and then incorporate the key ingredient to our programs, the ability to learn and grown within the rich context of a monthly live and in person Master Mind Victory Circle with fellow entrepreneurs. 

Module 1) Marketing Plan Creation

Module 2) Your Website and Marketing Budget

Module 3) Marketing Calendar

Module 4) Email Marketing

Module 5) Blogging, Positioning, and Branding

Module 6) Marketing Meets Sales

Module 7) Say Hello to LinkedIn

Module 8) Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

Module 9) Reports and Analytics

Module 10) Collaboration and Partnerships

Module 11) Technology as a System

Module 12) Looking Down the Road

After joining this program each month you will receive the following tools...

  • A new online module will be unlocked, discussing that month's specific essential tool for modern marketing.
  • Interactive worksheets geared towards that month’s specific marketing focus.
  • A live Q&A webinar with your Coach, Cheri Ruskus, to specifically address your specific business needs and to assist in keeping your accountable to the goals that you have set.

Marketing Mastery Membership

• Full access to online program • 2 coaching sessions per month • Monthly in-person mastermind meeting (optional)

12 monthly payments of $297.00 USD